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Episode 218: Pistol Pete Meets The Woz

Pistol Pete gets to meet Steve Wozniak (the Woz) co-founder of Apple at a recent Users Group Meeting. More and more frustration is present over event fatigue. Players just do not understand and some are just leaving. Features we like and enjoy end up being butchered by Zynga. Take for example the Robbing Spree changes, to require huge gobs of Energy and now we also have to contend with even more alarms. We would really like to see item costs brought way down, as a test. Lets see how it impacts sales.

The cloners have been busy as hell. Which is a double edge sword because it hurts existing players, but it helps the metrics. A long time suggestion has been for item limits (the 501 clause). Spockholm releases the Ice Event Tracker a opt-in database that helps with tracking the event beyond the four families listed on the Event Module. Spockholm slips in another toolbar feature. The Respect has been added to peoples profiles. You have to click to update it. However, once you do it will show that current players respects and denotes Easy, Hard. To indicate how your skills will stack againsit that player in the arena.

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