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Episode 225: Superbowl After Show

An exciting week in Mafia Wars. Mike Nestor gets his MIG Mafia Wars tattoo in game, tied to Boss Gouda. Zynga releases several days of fighting in the arena without fear. This has players really enjoying the arena. Our guest Brandon, has a little different view on permanent 0 lost respect time periods. The SPOCK have released another 2 spocklets into the wild. Operator, a Spocklet to manage your Operations. Also a new spocklet called KISS MY BOT was release this handy spocklet allows a small group of 5 to 6 players to share links for a PowerCard in a very efficient manner. Allowing you to collect the bonuses for the day, without out fear of the AutoBots snatching them all up. Speaking of Autobots, Pistol Pete talks a little about some copyrighted code that has found its way into some of the AutoBots.  The crew gears up for Valentines day. Which brings back memories of the mocks. So discussion began on resurrecting the War Machine. For some St. Patrick’s day fun.

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