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Episode 235: Mafia Wars Shrinkage

Busy two weeks. So busy in fact we could not find the time to get a show recorded last week. This week however we are back at it and there is a bunch to discuss. Some big shifts in the family life in MW. The Roving Rebels retired their Family tag. Stating nothing left for them to prove. Over at [MIG] The Rebelman Mike Nester steps down as Godfather. VLA hangs up his fedora. We are contining to see more and more shrinkage of the player base.

One player decides to take on all “bullies” without really having a clue about what it means to be bullied in MW. Her mission led to several Facebook banned accounts. Which could lead to some serious issues if the accounts had $$$ invested in it.

Yup you heard right we are getting another Property. I do not even think Trump owns this much useless property. We then somehow get on a tangent over the plural of deer.

There is a new Family Boss Fighter II in the GTB and checklist. Will be available for public consumption after a little testing. Spartacus also got a new Lobby feature to help with starting one on one arena fights. Then there were also a few minor updates to some other spocklets.

  • I always look for your show every Saturday and miss it if it is not there. Although I did have to go to the informant podcast site last week to find out there was no show lol. I do forget to comment sometimes so you know you are appreciated and/or missed.My bad.

    Well the family drama and etiquette issue is why I sent Pete the message. It really bugs me that people can be so inconsiderate and rude. I guess I should not be surprised I mean inside my own real family they can be rude at times too. But I still don’t think it is too much to ask to let me know you are going to leave my family beforehand. To just leave and not talk to me as if I did something wrong is just rather ignorant.I mean there is other family drama that is just 1 thing and my pet peeve.

    I can’t believe someone is messing with people’s Facebook accounts over a game. I mean hitlisting and the rest amuses me but don’t go complaining to Facebook over a game.That’s just not right at all. Of course if Zynga had ever cared about their players they would have had it in their contracts that game activities and posting could not lead to FB bans and they would advocate for players.The sad thing is, if she was really bullied people would have helped her, but this is a fighting game, the fight list is small. The true form of bullying that does still go on is the big accounts finding the baby accounts for easy ices which is totally wrong imo.

    I tried to do the Craftmania thing for a mini who had never built those properties but it was impossible as Jen said. I can’t even get the properties built since people get maxed on clicks from clicking all the other peoples stuff, let alone be able to craft from them. And for a normal build I have no issue with getting clicks for my mini so it is harder getting clicks for 3 properties at once I think. Not a very well thought out deal from Zynga, they should have made it maybe a week longer. I do really like that Zynga let people who did not finish those properties have a shot at it and I hope they do more of that.

    I have been disillusioned with this game for a long time. It seems clear to me they just want to get as much money from people as they can and they will close it down eventually. In the mean time, do I have fun when I play it, no, not really. The fun was in the family and friends aspect which like you said is just not there now.I see the same lack of interest in my family members which makes me sad.I feel like I am just going through the motions. Every time I look the shrinkage continues. Although every time you use that word I think of something else and laugh but that’s a whole different, um topic and not for here.

    Great show. Thanks for continuing to do them. I appreciate that you do.

  • FYI, it’s just Smokey Bear, first and last name, no “the” in their. Just thought I’d let you know, it’s a common misconception on the saying of his name, You can ‘Google’ it if you need to. 🙂

    • Thanks for letting us know. I was not aware it. Totally makes sense.


  • I looked to find it, here’s the shortest clip at 1:10 😉

    • Thanks for digging this up. Funny to watch again.


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