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Episode 238: Trader No-Goh Interview

Welcome to this episode of the Informant Podcast. Had a tough time getting the entire crew together. So Pistol Pete improvised and brought in an old friend. Enjoy.

  • Trader No Go ROCKS!!! Thanks for the entertaining show!!

  • Great job Pete. Thanks for doing a show. You are very funny. I agree with everything you said. There was a time when I could not wait to come on and play and now it is something I see as a chore. And that makes me sad. They could fix a lot of what is wrong if they listened to players but they have not listened to players all this time so I do not hold out any hope that they will start and that is unfortunate.

  • Interesting show

    As far as the trading aspect, had players not abused the system. there is a good chance that Zynga would still be offering it. The players have only themselves to blame.

    Too much to do? I am sorry but I have to disagree. And I also think that you are looking at it incorrectly. Zynga never told or even implied that a player needed to do everything. I think the amount of content put out is there because it covers the entire player base. Do what you can and leave the rest. Zynga has taken it a step further to lower job requirements based on a profiles stats or level, something they never did for the old timers.

    Considering that combats are usually thousands of levels apart, the fact that one may or may not have done a few missions or secret districts here or there is not going to cause them to lose a battle

    I think the arena VIP was a the best thing Zynga has done in a long time. VIP nullified the past two years of abuse from players who used mini and the the arena nullified the damage that was done by players who who had excessive health and has allowed players like my self to assist my family with being able to get ices, viva the damage option

    “Can’t beat them, so I’ll join them” There are not enough skill points or RP’s in the world for me to compromise my integrity but I guess that cant be said for others who play this game

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