Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 248: **** With Friends

Well we do not always jump right into MW, but tonight we did get a pretty good jump on it. We tackle the Ice Event and the bug that allowed one family to keep some carryover ices from a previous event.  Guess what a new location is here and its name is “new Location”, the creative team put in overtime to come up with that, we are sure.   Las Vegas is history, it was a little disappointing to think through the number of spocklets that were created just for Vegas and no longer have purpose. Chester tried to find his way into the show. However, we changed recording nights and messed him all up.  No show would be complete without some family talk and Jana’s son got a new dog for his Birthday. Tune in becuase there is lots more, like family talk, ideas for new location. kami talk. and bang with friends to name a few.

  • I need to find new fuel for Mafia wars.
    After Vegas is gone, the radical changes in my game plan takes so much more time, that I have to consider whether there are solutions for me or not.
    As a working class hero I can spend only so much time in to the game.
    I will definitely refuse to put my profile in to the arena which is and always will be Satan for me.

  • what I find amazing is that someone left Jen’s family simply to be on the ice board leading family. I guess I expect a little loyalty from people and maybe that will be my downfall

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