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Episode 249: The CRAY Energy Episode

It goes without saying, the majority of the conversation has revolved around South Africa. It was an amazing observation how Energy intensive the destination really is.  Zynga hits us with yet another Ice Season.  We share a couple of tips on how to get your Ices pretty quickly.  Spockholm Team was all over South Africa when it released, getting most of the spocklets updated to support this new location/destination.   Firefox is throwing some players a curve ball both with mixed content error messages and problems with the map hanging in South Africa.  We bird walked a bit in the conversation to a discussion of some of the Zynga games that are shutting down and some words from the ex-CEO of EA.  For those looking for the Family Boss Fighter spocklet, it was deprecated and replaced with the BossFighter II. The all-in-one spocklet to handle the Raven and Boss Fights.

  • i must have missed the tips on how to get my ices pretty quick

    • Mike, the arena is the fastest way to get ices.


  • I have 10k in energy. by my calculations I should finish the 3 districts in SA in about 1 month. Having a balanced character build has served me well. As for the heavy stamina players, simply put, you made your bed, now it is time to lay in it.

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