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Episode 251: Unexpected Short Show

Well Mike Nester has escaped from the Hopper and so it is just Jen, Jana, and Pete. We talk about a little about the Weather, just kidding. We talk some about energy requirements in SA some more and make a recommendation and would like to hear feedback on if it would work or not.  We talk about the FB Switching problem and the workarounds that were created by Team Spockholm. Got a Rant from a fan explaining to his girlfriend my he plays. It is a little hard to hear, but very funny.

  • the answer is quite simple. If my level is 5k and I am paying 6k for an energy job, I expect a fighter who is also at level 5k to pay the same amount. There are pluses and minuses for every type of build. No body is saying because you are an energy player that you be given breaks on icing events because you don’t have massive stamina are they? I will be lucky if all I can do is two clicks a day but I will accept the challenge of the district and I will finish it regardless of how long it takes

  • This appears to be Zynga’s attempt at increasing revenue. Zynga seems to think that people will pay anything to continue to play this game. They are living in a fantasy world. If They wanted SA to be challenging, all they had to do was increase the licks needed and lower the energy required. And I know I am not missing anything

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