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Episode 252: Mad At Zynga Show

Well Jana is not with us tonight, so we go really off topic.  We lead off with some Boy Band talk, which is easily explained.  We have to deal with Jennifer’s cricket and Event Fatigue at the same time  (No correlation).  New Operations event with a FB Event twist is put before us.  Robbing has officially arrived in South Africa.  So get that achievement if Robber Redux has not already helped you achieve it.  There is a new Energy Formula in SA gold and ruby levels. Do not get to excited it really is designed to help those players who could not even do a single job.  Leave it to Zynga to complicate it.  Lastly, we are getting a new Cross Promo coming soon.

  • I love concerts and I hope Jana and Chester had fun. Those boy bands back in the day were fun and at least the ones you mentioned, I know who they are. Unlike some of the current boy bands I couldn’t care less about. lol

    Did you name your cricket Jiminy, Jennifer?

    I think it is great that they lowered the energy so players can at least do 1 click in SA now. I am not crazy about the energy gradient in general but all players should be able to participate.

    You were right in your points as usual. But Zynga won’t listen. I am enjoying the cross promo but it has a bug I wish they would fix, even though I am done now I wanna keep playing the game since I like HOG games.

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