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Episode 254: The Retro Show

Jennifer and Pistol Pete got caught up with work stuffs.  So, Chester shows up with Jana at his side to bring you this episode. In usual Chester form the show starts off a little unorthodox. We think you will find it interesting to hear his perspective of the game as he actually logs in and plays.  During the course of the show a lot of old memories surface about things that have happened in and out of the game.

P.S. Although the show publishes Saturday, it is typically recorded on a Thursday. So we are aware Saturday is not International Talk like a Pirate day. It was Thursday September 19th. So mark you Calendar for next year. 🙂 Because everyone likes to talk like a Pirate (or a Leprechaun Pirate), mateys. Argghhhh.

  • Thank you for doing a show. It was nice hearing Chester. I think he should do more shows. I think you covered enough. 🙂

  • fun show about nothing 😀

  • I forgot to say it was nice hearing Jana too. I miss hearing her when she is not on.

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