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Episode 255: Down But Not Out

I was going to call this Episode the Meat and Potatoes becuase we give you a healthy fill of details for you MW games.  However, since Jennifer is a Vegetarian it did not seem appropriate.  Pistol Pete and Jennifer have this show solo. It does seem scheduling is a challenge. Bear with us why we sort things out.

  • I am one that would not be playing (and paying) without scripts. Much appreciated that spock keeps up on them and Jen is highly informative. It’s a great way to relax 🙂

  • I think when you all express frustration and negative feelings about the game it is just a reflection of what the players feel too so it is like venting. there is nothing wrong with talking about things that are wrong in the game and could be better either. As long as that is balanced out with positive things sometimes so it is not all gloomy.

    I like it when you all just have fun. I don’t care if you talk about other things, like tv, Jen knows I am obsessed with my fav shows. If you have fun then we have fun listening.

    I really didn’t like seeing all the stuff they gave us to do at once. I got home from the hospital on the 24th after having surgery and had ops to do and a property as well as working on the mission and I was not happy. I know it has been said so many times that they need to spread these things out and not give everything to us at once.

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