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Episode 256: Back In The Saddle Again

The Crew is back again. This week we talked about the new South Africa “Extreme Missions” and the shock Chester had last week. The final level of VIP membership is approaching for some players, and questions arise about whether people will keep the VIP membership.  There is another IceBoard event upon us. We also spend some time explaining the concept of the Hopper and the Bank of Meester Z and a new informative script out there for Meester Z.   The toolbar also got a new feature to see how many 2x Mastery boosts you have available.

  • Very nice show, ty for doing it. I like hearing all of you together.

    I don’t mind missions that aren’t timed and I can do them at my own pace. While there is a part of me that still wants to do things as fast as possible I have learned to relax and just take my time, there is no rush.

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