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Episode 262: The Girls Overpower Pistol Pete

The woes of updating. Pistol Pete updated the recording software and low and behold it did not work as expected. Therefore, is sounds like the girls locked him in the Hopper. Apologizes, in advance, you may have to turn up the volume a little from time to time. This show is mainly about the overabundance of crap Zynga has thrown at us. Will they never learn????

  • You all didn’t mention Pete had a birthday last week and I hope he had a great birthday.

    I don’t have a weak account but this slaughter season was very frustrating for me. I used up all my resources fighting every day and could not get enough ices and the main reason for that is the fight list is full of already iced people. It is very hard to find enough live targets and of course all of those attacks only to see already iced- use stamina. So it was very frustrating and I only made it to the first level on diamond when I usually finish the regular ice seasons easily.

    All of the stuff Zynga threw at us at once is frustrating and stressful. I do like the family xp aspect, I just wish it wouldn’t be put into a black hole on categories we are finished with. It’s like we worked so hard to earn it and its wasted.

    Great show and I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving

    • Happy Belated Birthday Pete!!!!!!
      ~Death By GUCCI

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