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Episode 263: We Are Back!!!

First, thanks in advance for you patience with us. Life is a great complicator to producing a show. We are glad to be back and hopefully will be more regular (Prune juice will help). In this episode, random talk… tattoos, TWD (very briefly), football, weather, birthdays. Pistol Pete talks about Snow in TX. The crew then dissects the new event, bugs all over, and top mafia bonus being messed up.

  • I couldn’t even play the game because you all were just too funny. And that first few minutes talking about Mikes tattoos omg and tmi but so funny.

    I love TWD which yall know since I bug everyone about it, but I say it is your show, talk about what you like. Whatever you talk about entertains me so its all good.

    My method for football pools (it is very girly) is I pick by team names and colors I like but I did win, once. And you are not dumb Jana. I am not technical either. I like it when Martin explains stuff on the MWLL page because I understand what hes saying. It truly amazes me what they can do. And I don’t care if people think I am stupid when I say most of it seems like a foreign language. Everyone can’t know everything in life.

    I am getting fed up with the game. The more they give me to do and especially when its stuff I don’t like the less I want to play. And I am so glad it finally clicked in my head to say, wait its just a piece of loot why kill myself to get it. I mostly still do everything but here and there I let stuff go, more so on my minis, since its harder to do that on my main.

    And lets be clear, Mike saw my pic on FB and said I even look like a brat, not sure what that means exactly. I am open to ideas for Mikes payback although thanks for reminding me what he did Jana, ugh lol. I can’t think of anything to do cause I don’t think he ever gets embarrassed,

    Anyway, I talk a lot, thanks for such a fun and entertaining show. Glad you are back. :)I really did miss listening the last 2 weeks.

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