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Episode 269: Mafia Wars is Truly About The People

Apologizes lead the show. Pistol Pete has several for the crew and listeners. The game is in break mode. We have several repeat events to contend with but for the most part you can take advantage, and play as you want. Jen talks some about the Zynga growth model and purchase of a mobile gaming company.

  • Superbowl what??lmao

  • Pete, sometimes I should not listen, lol, I started trying to upgrade one NY property, and it’s taking FOREVER… and I’m not to level 5000 yet. So, I’m wondering what level you have reached and what are you upgrading, maybe you can keep us updated on your progress 🙂

  • Thanks for the show.

    I like the discussion on bullies and what you do. Everyone who has ever bothered me excessively I just kept on a list until I was strong enough to beat and now I pay little attention anyway. It is sad to me that people play with the intent of running people from the game or ruining the game for others. I never understood that. It is far classier to just ignore annoying people and even more so since this is just a game. Not to mention that if you intervene thinking you are defending someone you really only have their side of the story as to what happened and there is 2 sides to every story.

    It amazes me that some still take this game so seriously.

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