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Episode 270: Nothing Good Happens After Midnight, But It Sure Is Funny

This show it is just Pistol Pete and Jen. Jana is taking a sick day.  The discussion is mainly about the stock pile of activities Zynga has once again thrown at us. We also talk in detail about a few strategies to help tackle some of these events.  We have yet another Special News report from the Rebelman. This one will explain the title.

  • Thanks for the shout out Mike and the belch at the end of the podcast was a very nice touch, lol.

    I am so very frustrated with this game. I booted several people who weren’t really playing anymore before this family mission started and it is still too hard if you have a lot of minis and not strong people, etc. The fight list being dead is not helping. Did they have to pick jobs that require a consumable, or a lot of money or have a bad ratio, or sometimes a combination of these things. I really don’t want to stop and go get some consumable and then do the job 1000 more times. And I have the money but with the ratios and everything it is tough to level, and if you have lower levels in your family they can’t do it.

    So I was irritated with that and then we got a secret district. I can’t and wont do both. I have had some left over energy here and there and the loot just doesn’t drop like you said. That makes it completely not fun.

    I managed that arena event on my account but it is designed for people who have a lot of stamina or are willing to buy it, which I had to buy it to finish. I tried doing manual arenas and couldn’t score high enough. And I do love the spartacus script if it would stop around the score I need but it wont stop for me. Not to mention Zynga keeps stealing my stamina refills and other power ups into some kind of black hole.

    Anyway, the game is annoying me and sometimes I want to walk away but I do still like listening to you all. Congratulations to Martin and feel better soon Jana. And Mike, you can belch away from the microphone thingy on your phone you know lol.

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