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Episode 266: First Show of 2014

Here we are off starting yet another year. We have now been broadcasting the show for 3+ years. So thanks to all of you loyal listeners for keeping us motivated. There is not a lot going on, which honestly is the best thing ever.  It is nice to have a break from all the events, we experienced over the Christmas and New Year break.  It will be nice to return to a routine of our own choosing.  Not driven by what Zynga wants us to do.  So we regroup a bit in this episode and talk a little strategy and continue to make recommendations to Zynga on how to resurrect interest in the game.

Episode 265: Belated Christmas Greeting

Jennifer, Pete and Mike catch up to get a quick recording over the holidays break.  We attempt to cover most of the changes in the game. Since there has been a lot.

Episode 264: Crew Communication Disrupted, Skype Woes

We are excited to be back in the swing of things. However, we were thwarted by Skype this episode. We had choppy audio and dropped calls. Skype is usually good to us, but this was a tough show to edit. So we ask again for you patience and understanding. Hope you enjoy, we cover a lot of MW stuff.

Episode 263: We Are Back!!!

First, thanks in advance for you patience with us. Life is a great complicator to producing a show. We are glad to be back and hopefully will be more regular (Prune juice will help). In this episode, random talk… tattoos, TWD (very briefly), football, weather, birthdays. Pistol Pete talks about Snow in TX. The crew then dissects the new event, bugs all over, and top mafia bonus being messed up.

Episode 262: The Girls Overpower Pistol Pete

The woes of updating. Pistol Pete updated the recording software and low and behold it did not work as expected. Therefore, is sounds like the girls locked him in the Hopper. Apologizes, in advance, you may have to turn up the volume a little from time to time. This show is mainly about the overabundance of crap Zynga has thrown at us. Will they never learn????