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Masked Robbery event coming this weekend

You’ll need to put your game face on, or in this case, your mask.
To honor all the legendary master robbers who’ve worn executive masks (not to mention midterm elections are just around the corner), you’ll have 5 days to collect 3 executive masks – Bubba, Dubya, and Rock.
For those of you who competed in the Prized Pig event, you’ll be familiar with the rules of Masked Robbery. Send masks to your mafia and ask masks from your mafia through Facebook feeds and requests. Each mask has 3 levels of mastery – bronze, silver, and gold. When you collect enough masks to complete mastery, you earn high-powered items to get stronger. See the table below.
Master all the masks to Gold Mastery to get the grand daddy of prizes, the Executive Decision (130 ATT, 102 DEF).

  • Why the hell does this mask look like our President? This is disrespectful, and I don’t like it! Diana Grazia

    • I am sure it was not meant to be disrespectful, they should have used the more traditional past president masks. Like in most of the movies. Pete

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