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Episode 2: Hijacking a Radio Tower

Welcome to the second episode of the Informant Podcast. We have a really big show. This week Jana “Death by Gucci”  joins the show.  What a trooper she felt like the “Grim Reaper” was calling, but made it through the show. What a super addition she will be to the show, she will help professional up us other Facebook Podcast hacks. New event the Masked Robbery, also new Trade-able items in game. Chainsaw Chester will discuss a little about the Mafia Wars Commission and what it means to the families.  Jennifer the MW Loot Lady, has big news, and talks a little about mission mobile (Atlantic City). Pistol Pete takes a moment to discuss his perspective on MW players and what sets them apart from other gamers.  We also were able to announce the winner of the Lotto Lottery for the Fan page growing beyond 1k fans. From all the Crew at the Informant Podcast. We hope you enjoy this episode.

  • Glad to see a show with less drama.

  • Again… excellent !! I would like to know how to get in touch with the Loot Lady.

  • Cool podcast…simplified and informative. Thanks to the MW brainiacs specifically to Pete of Spocks, MootLady and the rest of those responsible on creating this PodCast — looking forward to the next PodCast 🙂

    Always for Mafia Wars! … aka Don Sam

  • Nice podcast and to the point.
    Only comments I have – and these are towards Zynga:
    1. Those mobile missions and achievements are of no good to all the players outside the US, leaves us out on a couple of achievements.
    Also I would like to go to Atlantic City and see what havoc can be caused there.
    2. A better overview of your family would be a nice addition.

    And on the podcast: Any help needed from across the pond? By people from the ‘ old’ continent?

  • I will need to try some mobile devices and let you know what we find out.


  • Hi i am the godfather and creator of Ebmw i like the show and wouls like to say thanks to jennifer and to Pete of Spocks, and the rest of those responsible on creating this PodCast

    you all have shown me good info and very good ideas in the game same with this live podcast as well thanks to spok also for creating good scripts also Eliminate Bullies In Mafia Wars is my group and you are welcome to contact me as i need some one with good ideas better than mine to get my group to become stronger also some more info in the game would be good also i will give you admin tools also if you are interested come visit my site and my link and kriso is my other name is also there as well


    glad ive been listening and glad to hear you all at the same time all

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