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*** Italy Info ***

Jennifer the MW Loot Lady told us that the following was posted by Zynga in their Support forum and will also be on her blog:

Italy Regions: There are 5 initial Regions in Italy’s release – Roma, Palermo, Venezia, Milano, and Napoli.
This winter Zynga will release Regions 6-8 – Calabria, Città del Vaticano, and All Roads Lead to Rome.

The 6 initial properties are – Villa, Winery, Fishery, Auto Boutique, Soccer Stadium, and Port
This winter Zynga will release 1 new property – Resort.

Building Parts common to all properties are – Italia Hardwood, Marble Slab, Stone Column, Terracotta Tiles.

Property – Exclusive Part, Region (Job)

  • Villa – Volcanic Bricks, Roma (Connect with La Familia)
  • Winery – Wine Barrel, Palermo (Build the Winery)
  • Fishery – Fishing Net, Venezia (Smuggle Goods Through a Fishery)
  • Auto Boutique – Motor Oil, Milano (Rob a Collector)
  • Soccer Stadium – Football Player, Napoli (Trash a Rival Camorra Stadium)
  • Port – No exclusive part
  • Resort – TBA

Region(Job) – Job consumable required

  • Roma (Send a Message to the Di Rossi Family) – Severed Pinky
  • Venezia (Bug the Don’t Train Car) – Rail Pass
  • Milano (Bug A Confessional) – Smart Phone
  • Milano (Infiltrate A Seven Star Hotel) – Smart Phone
  • Napoli (Snag A Lucrative Disposal Contract) – Cooked Books
  • Napoli (Take Out A Troublesome Carabinieri) – Smart Phone
  • Napoli (Link The Camorra To The Police) – Smart Phone
  • Napoli (Break Out An Incarcerated Lieutenant) – Smart Phone
  • Napoli (Support Your Local Hooligan Firm) – Hidden Charges
  • Napoli (Blow Up A Police Station) – Hidden Charges

Region(Job) – Job consumable produced

  • Roma (Intercept a Handoff in the Colisseum) – Severed Pinky
  • Roma (Assassinate a Corrupt City official) – Severed Pinky
  • Palermo (Track Down Don Adriano) – Rail Pass
  • Milano (Free a Professional Assassin) – Smart Phone
  • Milano (Blackmail A Track Official) – Cooked Books
  • Milano (Interrogate A Lackey) – Cooked Books
  • Napoli (Snag a Lucrative Disposal Contract) – Hidden Charges

Region – Job items needed

  • Roma – Service Revolver, 42 Special, Ciao 55, Italian Double Agent
  • Palermo – Pocket Pistol, Farmer’s Sickle, Machinna, Unficiale, Palermo Cart, Italian Double Agent
  • Venezia – Machinna, Gondola, Sub-Compact Pistol, Great Coat, 9mm Whisperer, Carnival Mask
  • Milano – Arma Assassino, Milano Dio-Z, Tristezza Handgun, Enzo 2
  • Napoli – Fucile De Caccia, Eli Cottero, XC48 Superboat, Capuchin, Motociclo, Soccer Hooligan
  • Calabria – TBA
  • Città del Vaticano – TBA
  • All Roads Lead to Rome – TBA

Region – Loot Drops (non-giftable)

  • Roma – Arma Polizia(W), Tradire(V), Scutum(A), Asino, Vachelli CP(W), Italian Wolf(An)
  • Palermo – Fucile Lungo(W), Gallo(An), Casco di Grande Guerra(A), Italian Wolf(An), Cavalletta(V), Goshawk(An), Teppista (A)
  • Venezia – Rapier(W), Water Taxi(V), Man-of-War(An), Teppista(A), Neoprene Vest(A), Venetian Blinder(W), Luxury Sailboat(V)
  • Milano – Eagle Owl(An), Maglietta(A), Marsican Brown Bear(An), Luxury Sailboat(V), Milano Foil(W), Diavolo Piccolo SMG(W), Avanti Tutta(V)
  • Napoli – Cinghiale(An), Pugno(W), Fenzi Tuorno(V), Avanti Tutta(V), Pulcinella(A), Meadow Viper(An), Corpo Armatura(A)
  • Calabria – TBA
  • Città del Vaticano – TBA
  • All Roads Lead to Rome – TBA

Port Level – Item Crafted, Cost (Benefit)

  1. Escalation (W), 63000
  2. Officer’s Jacket (A), 71000
  3. Osprey (An), 81000
  4. Conchiglia (V), 132000 (+1 Energy)
  5. Coccodrillo (An), 144000 (+1 Stamina)
  6. Un Tuono (W), 148000
  7. Water Truck (V), 164000 (+5 Health)
  8. Antiproiettil (A), 170000
  9. Bolla (An), 203000 (+2 Attack)
  10. Fanteria (W), 254000 (+2 Defense)

Region – Boss, Mastery Item

  • Roma – Antonio Di Rossi, Di Rossi’s Shotgun(W)
  • Palermo – Don Aldo Adriano, Aldo’s Palermitan Horse (An)
  • Venezia – Don Del Brenta, Del Brenta Cane Sword (W)
  • Milano – Volovino Twins, Italiano Gazzeti (V)
  • Napoli – Don Enzo Casazza, Enzo’s Monocle (A)
  • Calabria – Don Vittorio Messino, TBA (W)
  • Città del Vaticano – Commandant Ebersold, TBA
  • All Roads Lead to Rome – Don Rafael Di Rossi, TBA

Collection Name – Items, Vault(Item=Bonus)

  • Dinner Is Served – Toasted Ravioli, Traditional Pizza, Calzone, Gnocchi, Meatballs, Gelato, Cioppino, Vault(Old World Recipes = +10% item drop in Italy)
  • Roman Standards – Capitoline, Castle, Centurion, Eagle, Flag, Palm, Vault (Romulus = +10 Attack, +10 Defense)
  • The Great Inventor – Bones of Man, Mother With Child, Portrait, Helicopter, Vitruvian Man, Tank, Crossbow, Vault (Da Vinci’s Notebook = +50 Health)
  • Famous Rulers – Marius-The Great Man, Caesar-The Statesman, Augustus-The First, Nero-The Madman, Trajan-The Kind Soldier, Constantine-The Unifier, Justinian-The Last, Vault(Et Tu Brute? = +15 Energy, +15 Stamina)
  • Achievements – Criteria
  • All Jobs Lead to Rome – Visit Italia
  • Viva Italia! – Complete Bronze Mastery of Chapters 1-5 in Italia
  • Vintner Experto – Level 10 Winery
  • The Deadliest Catch – Level 10 Fishery
  • Bread and Circuses – Defeat 1000 opponents in Italia
  • Centurion – Own 500 Fucile De Caccias
  • Rome is Burning – Rob 900 properties in Italia
  • Mediterranean Maestro – Level 10 Villa
  • Rome, Sweet Home – Level 1 in all Italia Properties
  • Hail Caesar! – Complete Ruby Mastery of Chapters 1-5 in Italia

Boosts (Benefit)

  • Olive Oil (+150 Robbing Defense), Wine (+100 Defense), Swordfish (+100 Attack)


Factoid: Italy ‘Regions’ are like Vegas ‘Districts’. There are also the same 4 tiers of Mastery (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby). Each Region will have 2-3 paths (Energy, Fight, Social).

Factoid: You will no long need to master all paths to finish a tier. Beating a boss will automatically advance you to a fully unmastered map on the next tier.

Factoid: Italian Boss fights are designed similarly to the Beat the Feds event. In theory, a really strong player could beat a Boss all by herself, but very few players will be able to do that. The Boss fights were purposely designed to encourage cooperation with your mafia to take down the Boss(es) together. You cannot use two Boss Fight consumables in a row (Health Kit, Shiv, Grenade, Stun Gun) Boss Fights will be timed and the boss will not heal until that timer expires, at which point, he will heal to full strength. Each Boss has a different timer.

Factoid: You can request help on a Social Job every 8 hours

Factoid: Some job consumables will be harder to obtain and may require doing multiple jobs (like New York City required Concealable Camera Loot as a consumable requirement for the job that produced Blackmail Photos) You will need Cooked Books (from Milano) to do the job (in Napoli) that produces Hidden Charges.

Factoid: Like Vegas Properties, each level will require more parts. There are ten levels, depicted with Roman numerals (I-X)

Factoid: Port is similar to Chop Shop, but instead of Car Parts, it will cost Lira to craft items.

Factoid: Italy does not have a buildable vault like Vegas. However, it is Italy, and there will be a laundering fee again for the bank.

Factoid: Like Bangkok and Vegas, Energy and Stamina requirements for jobs will vary depending on a player’s level.

Factoid: There are no tournaments in Italy.

  • just wanted to say that there is a whole lot of info to take in!

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