Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 4: Boosting the Ratings

Thanks to you the Fans we are closing in fast on 2k fans and another lotto giveaway.

The Crew discusses plans for Halloween, and as a reminder we are in the middle of the 13 days of Halloween Contest. Make sure you get registered to win at 13 Mafia Wars Game cards will be given to 13 (un)lucky people.

This show is Italy packed. Zynga releases a new city/country (destination) with tons of new features from the Villa, to Progression changes, how consumables are handled, etc.  Jennifer recaps most of what you need to know to get through this one, although the recommendation is to remain at bronze to get all your loot and consumables at a low energy/experience ratio.

The Crew at Spockholm (ie. Martin) released a new RepeatJob Italy and a RepeatJob Loader so it will find the right Bmlet for the city you are in, get them at the Spockholm Beta Page.

Chainsaw Chester and Jana try to convince Pete and Jen how being a member of a family can be exciting, from performing mock wars, red icing, to Kamikaze missions.

We hope you enjoy.

  • Out standing podcast , very good info , loving it , cant wait for the next podcast

  • Not skipping a single skill point , no rush for mastery in Italy, honestly just gonna take my time .

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