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A little bit of Housekeeping!!

Couple of Housekeeping items.

One, we are closing in fast on 2k fans. So I am warming up the Chucker and getting ready to gift out another lotto set to one lucky fan. In order to be in the running you need to make a post under the thread “New Fan Lottery”. I will select a random winner from there. Click Here to get to the thread.

Two, we still have the 13 Days of Halloween contest. Get in on that too.  We will be giving away 13 Mafia Wars Game Cards. Go to and Enter Now !!

Thirdly, Chester in Episode 4 suggested Jen and I tag up. If you have not listened yet be sure to give it a listen.  I have however, decided to tag up.  Let me know what you all think.

  • lol Pete, how big is your [SPOCKHOLM] Federation? errrr Family 😉

  • Great another army of one… ~Chainsaw Chester

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