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New Social Missions

There are 3 New Social Missions out now, with some new rare rewards.

The First one is a 7 player “hard” mission called
“Take out a Rival Operation”
Now there is a new job that requires Energy and Stamina to complete the Mission.

The  New “Rare” Rewards for this Mission are a Vehicle called
the “Alpine” with a 35 attack and 57 defence
and a Animal called the “Sumatra Tiger” with a 60 attack and 30 defence.

Another new mission is a 6 player “medium” mission called
“Bribe a Government Official”
There is also a job that requires both Energy and Stamina in this mission.

The  New “Rare” Rewards for this Mission are a Weapon called
the “Infighter” with a 71 attack and 44 defence
and a Armor called the “Field Vest” with a 42 attack and 70 defence.

And the last new Mission is a 4 player “Medium” mission called
“Fight off a Rival Mafia”
which requires all Stamina jobs.

The  New “Rare” Rewards for this Mission are
the “Camo Riot Gear” with a 56 attack and 26 defence
and  the “Nail Biter” with a 35 attack and 58 defence.

  • Fearless is useless? It only regens health faster?


    Faster stamina regeneration

    You are currently a FEARLESS

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