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Farmville Cross Promo

A New Promo is out that involves Mafia Wars, but you will not get anything for MW at all.
You will just get a limited Edition Item for Farmville called the “Roman Golden Horse”

This is Simple to do, Just load Farmville and you will get this pop-up at the bottom of your screen

If you don’t get this popup once you have loaded, Simply open your giftbox and click on the “Click for Specials” button and scroll to the right until you see the “Roman Horse” and click on “Play Mafia Now”

Either way you chose, once you have clicked on one, you will receive this pop-up

Click on “Accept” and it will take you to Mafia Wars where you will then get this pop-up

Click on the “Start Playing Mafia Wars Now!” button and level up 3 times with a minimum level of 8.
Once you have leveled up 3 times, you will receive this pop-up

Click on the “Claim Your Prize!” button and then you will be redirected back to Farmville, where you will then receive this pop-up letting you know that you earned the “Roman Golden Horse”

You can then click on “OK” and go to your gift box to select the Horse and place it on your farm if you wish.

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