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Frontierville Cross Promo

Another New Promo is out that involves Mafia Wars, but you will not get anything for MW at all.
You will just get a limited Edition Item for Frontierville called the “Roman Bust” or “Italian Bust”
This is also Simple to do, and faster than the Farmville one, Just load Frontierville and you will get this pop-up.

Click on the “YES” button and it will direct you to Mafia Wars where you will then receive this pop-up.

If you notice, the job name says “Find an Old Friend” but the actual job name is “Find An Old Family Friend” as in the image below. Also you will notice, there is no FV logo image on that job as states also. The job is Located in Region 2 of Italy.

Once you have completed this job, you will get this pop-up.

Now just click on the “Claim Your Prize!” button and it will direct you back to Frontierville where you will receive this pop-up.

Now just click on the “USE” button and go to your inventory to find the “Bust” and then you can place it on your property.

  • It really makes sense, hope that you will add some more soon!

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