Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 8: Offer Protection to a Crew Member

Welcome to the Informant Podcast. If you are a first time listener welcome. If you long time listener thanks for coming back.  The Crew recaps their Halloween experiences, and [MIG] Chainsaw Chester’s involved a broken toe and vehicle stalking. Pistol Pete discusses how and where to get to Spockholm, and how they handle updates and new Bmlet releases. Jennifer fills everyone in on the new Infiltrate the Pentagon event and the new 2x Loot giveaway. Jana and Chester recap the [MIG] anniversary and the new Charity Mock war coming up.   The 13th Day of Halloween Contest winners get a big congratulations as well as the Halloween Loot Giveaway Winner. Congrats.

  • Just like to say well done on another great podcast. perhaps one day I could sit in on one..

    I’m creating a page at the moment which will describe “How-To” use all the Spockholm Bookmarklets + Aruns Brawler and Chucker.

    Ive spoken to Pete and Martin about it. Hopefully it will save them a little time explaining to people how to use them, they can simply give them my link instead.
    This way they can focus on better things (like bringing us more GREAT bookmarklets).

    Cheers, OfficerJAKE

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