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Small Change in Secret Stashes

I normally collect and share secret stashes and today when i got my Secret Stash pop-up, I went to choose an item to take and share as i normally do. Well when i clicked on my choice, which was the center item, it brought up a larger view of it. I had no idea why it did that, so i tried one of the other choices and it didn’t do it. Well i tried it on another account and the same thing happened except it was the left item this time. It seems that it is just randomly picking one item that it does this on, and I have no idea why. If more info is found out why, it will be posted later.

  • I for one am glad there is now a scaled up version of the pictures. I love how you have to close the pop-up if you accidentally roll over one. Now if they can only figure out how to make the “ask your mafia to attack” button larger on the fightlist. 0,o

  • Noticed that as well, but with a small exception…

    If you consider each item choise as a selectable box, there is a smaller box inside that (centered) that when clicked shows the HQ image of the item…

    Still though, no idea why…. 🙂

  • I thought it was stuck key in the keypad, this is a stupid additional feature

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