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Episode 11: Silence of the Wasps

For those that have been listening for a while you have heard, story after story, told by Chester regarding his WASP infestation. We are happy to report the “Silencing of the Wasps” in both his home, and more importantly on the show.  Pistol Pete from Spockholm spends some time talking about the Link-a-Nator, Get-a-Nator and Bagman Mugger  and how they can all be used in conjunction with one another. Jennifer and Chester fill us in on the 2x Mastery Item bugs, and Zynga Message Center. The new mission option to Celebrate completion is covered. The Mystery Bag Mulligan is slammed, becuase it does not make very much sense. The Thanks- Giving it Away contest prizes are discussed.  [MIG] Chainsaw Chester and Jana talk about the family recruiting really growing and they discuss the Witness Protection Program.  Enjoy..

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