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Episode 12: Lot’s of Change in the Air

Wow the Magic Episode 12.  Some thought it impossible. The show is loaded with lots of information, from the Changes in Mulligans, new Holiday Mission, Serial Assassins, and a Dish it Out Contest put on by Zynga. Pistol Pete Covers the new support site being established to help make  Team Spockholm more responsive to bugs, faq’s and suggestions for new Bmlets. You can view the site at  It is a Special Day for one of the crew, as Pistol Pete Celebrates his 41st Birthday. The Crew is interrupted by breaking news during the commercial for the Thanks-Giving it Away Contest.  Chester and Jana cover the “Mafia War’s Players for Charity” Event. The first rant hits the air waves, a fan calls in regarding the Fan Appreciation Contest. Do not forget to join in on the next one, get your name in the Discussion Forum for the next give away at 4k fans.  Enjoy.

  • thanks for all the good info. happy hollidays.

  • Hey guys!

    Great show, just wanted to clear something up about the “Dish it Out” contest.

    1. It is just one dish, no need to do a whole meal (you don’t have to serve it for thanks giving)
    2. The community will vote for the top 3 and there will be 3 winners who will get 1k in RPs, 25k in Loyalty points and the coveted Mafia Wars Jacket.
    3. I needed to put a #3 because 2 just didn’t seem like enough.

    We’re waiting for the informant group’s submissions… how good are you guys in the kitchen?

    • Nate— I will clear it up on the next recording. ~ Chainsaw Chester

  • Was Evil Ed’s appearance on the show a joke or did you actually give him a platform to continue his display of very poor behavior and spewing against the Mafia Wars community. A rant seeking assistance I believe should be given a voice. Ed has his own platform to complain from and I have no interest in listening to the same old angry disparaging comments from him from an additional location. Redundant.


  • @Mio

    Do not worry it was a spoof, you shall not be subjected to him again unless he decides to take this any further and then we will release the hounds.

    We had let everything go until the issue was brought up on another show but with incorrect details. We had to respond. We never took anything from prior shows of his like he has claimed.

    ~Chainsaw Chester

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