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Episode 13: Lucky Roulette Wheel – Always Bet on 13

The crew discusses Thanksgiving, Mafia Wars Dishes, Achievements, Missions, and Character Terminology. The 3k fan is announced on air. The Thanks-Giving it away contest is winding down. Make sure to get your name in on the Fan Page Discussions. There is a $25 Mafia Wars gift card up for grabs as well as other cool Prizes. This episode is packed with great strategy information, be sure to give a listen…

  • nice info.. btw how do i call my character? bcoz i have my Attack & Defense equal 🙂

  • @Aaron – You have a “balanced” player. My account is almost like yours but I have a slightly higher attack so I have a “balanced – shark”. Sorry, there is no cool name for an account that is the same on A/D. Wanna help make one up?

    I did create a new term for those that are focused and balanced on Energy / Stamina. Tune in to the next Episode to hear it!

    ~Chainsaw Chester

  • what is the name of energy players?

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