Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 17: Recon Zynga In Their Hometown

Welcome to this Episode of the Informant Podcast, “where family is first”.  The Crew gets a chance to discuss topics like TOS again, and Pistol Pete attempts to dispel the rumors and fear running through the community regarding Bookmarklets.  Jennifer gets to attend the meet and greet in San Francisco and share the highlights.  Some new game features were discussed as well as some plans for new Meet and Greets including an impromptu one in the Denver area coordinated by Ms. [MIG]’s Jana Gucci herself. The godfather himself [MIG]’s Chainsaw Chester spends some time answered some questions that came in through the tip email.  Come see the entire crew during the Mafia Wars Players for Charity Event.  Take you chances in the Ice Booth and see if you can knock us down. 🙂 We hope you enjoy.

  • Hey folks! great show, and thanks for the clarifying info re: bookmarklets. I am the Intel admin for our clan (~GwG~ Galz with Gunz) and I love all the good work y’all put out there for us. Jennifer, I cite the MW LootLady nearly daily–and always credit you or anyone else whose info I’m passing along. My clan stays well informed because of the care you give to getting the word out fast and accurately. Much respect, Melissa ~GwG~Poet

  • I am a special education teacher, and come home looking forward to playing mafia wars, after i take care of my own kids 🙂 I’m a single mom, and would love to know when and if you’re scheduling a visit to the Big Apple?????

    I know so many who would be there in a minute!!!!

    So please, please, please come to New York!!!!!

    Thanks, and even more, thanks for the game! <3


    • I will actually back in the Big Apple in July. Maybe we can all coordinate a Meet and Greet when I am back. Pete

  • wow guys you really know about PC
    what means flash i have no idea but yes it takes more time in properties and it LV vault
    keep up with good jobs

  • Love this episode of Podcast! — it makes Zynga’s publishing of TOS clear and all. Well, BMs are there to live, complementing Mafia Wars. As long as the player knows how to use it properly, there’s no fear your account will get swept. Thanks for the info, Podcasters! You all ROCK!

  • Thanks for dispelling the rumors about using book marklets… SPOCK ON !!

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