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Episode 18: Animals Running Wild!!!

That’s right the Zoo is finally here. Now you have one more property in New York to build up.   Pistol Pete gets his rant on about The Governator Event a.k.a Spam Fest 2010 Part deux. The Crew discusses the new changes regarding ignoring wall posts.  Pistol Pete will look to re-address the return of the Zyngon Trash Collector that used to work with first generation of the Zynga Message Center.  One of the big in game changes are naming conventions. Missions are now called Operations in preparation for the “new” missions a.k.a quests. Jen takes some time to discuss some of the posting problems occurring in game. Chester in the Family Life, continues to promote the MW Players for Charity Event that begins this evening.  A few of the Informant Crew is going to be in Denver, CO for the meet and greet.  So come on out if you are nearby. Ricky Kitchenfrom the UK shares his opinion on the meet and greets and giveaways.  Mr. 3000 returns again.  He is feeling lonely and lootless.  Too bad we still have no idea who he is. So tune in and enjoy..

  • The “Events” aka Spam Fests Should Be NERFED.

    They need to bring back the “holiday missions”
    So we can get the holiday repeater back out and get that vault item 🙂
    SPOCK ON!!!

    • I agree. I much preferred that format. /Pete

  • The Holiday repeater is the only reason I have 30+ of those collections 🙂

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