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Episode 20: Rantz in our Pantz

The team is one short but that didn’t stop the rants and reviews of the new Inventory Page.  We try to dissect it and give you the in and outs. The Likes and Dislikes, and as always the crew make recommendations to help make it easier to use. Chester is hot about fighting and evil cloning scripts. The 12 Days Of Christmas is still going on also so if you have not gotten your name in yet Mister 3000!!!! do so to win some great prizes. Also Listen carefully and you may get a chance to win a Lotto Set.

  • lotto set

  • Lotto Set.

  • Appreciate all the information you provide. Thanks.

  • Lotto Set

  • Great Episode as always!
    Lottoset 😀

  • Great show, just found you guys.

    How do I get my name in for the 12 days of Christmas??



    • ON our fan page in the discussions.

  • Yeah, what the hell was Zynga thinking with that enormous ‘ask mafia to attack and let them get rewards button’?! This was my first listen, loved it!

  • I forgot, lotto set!

  • Lotto Set.
    I agree with Chester’s rant and they should remove that stupid button for that location.
    Thanks enjoyed the podcast.

  • Lotto Set.
    Chester good rant, I agree with every statement.
    Thanks for the Podcast

  • Excellent show as usual guys – I agree about the futility of hitlisting/asking mafia to attack, the tactic I used in the early days was to use the Switch Profile BM and send a Friend request, but the BM doesn’t seem to be working, any chance the Spockholm Elves can take a look?
    PS – I don’t need the lotto set, but I will happily redistribute around those of my mafia who haven’t vaulted.

  • Lotto Set!
    If you’ve still got that lotto set I’ll happily take it off your hands. Thanks for the great podcast.

    Mafia Wars Profile:

    I use the Gift-A-Nator almost daily, so if anyone wants to add me to their Mafia, go right ahead and you’ll get gift links going back to October.

  • Lotto set, you didnt say what page to post on 🙂

  • i am not getting that much exp from missions as jeniffer
    please tell this i you new podcast

  • lotto set and i hope there is not a lump a coal for me this year

  • Nice show guys.

    StuDog, The Bagman Here.

    I wrote a Frequently asked questions guide to the new inventory on the Zynga Forums:

    This addresses some of the more Frequently asked questions, but is not all inclusive. If there are questions anyone would like to see addressed in that FAQ, PM me through the forum there via that post.

    I think the new inventory has lots of potential and from the pulse of the forum I really think that Zynga is listening to the players. We aren’t going to get back the “old” but they are adding in improvements throughout. They are listening to constructive criticism.

    Good luck all.

  • Lotto Set 🙂

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