Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 21: Lost without the Godfather

The new Dr. Dre event hits the streets and the Link-a-nator fix helps players get their Doctor’s Orders.  Pistol Pete talks about the most used Bookmarklets @Spockholm.  The result was a little shocking even to him.  In light of Chester’s absence Jana fills in on the family life and ties up some loose ends.  We announce  the latest winners of the 12 Days of Christmas event.  In addition, we get generous with the lotto giveaway Chester promoted at the end of the last show.  We decided to give away three sets. One to each of the first posts on the website, the fan page, and the tip email line.  Congrats to all the winners. Do not forget the meet and greet tomorrow evening at the Jet Hotel in downtown Denver. There is a going to be some fun stuff and great giveaways.  So come on out and meet the crew, and make some new friends.

  • What times the get-together

  • See what happens when the Godfather is out? They decide to give out way too much loot to you listeners.

    ~Chainsaw Chester

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