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Episode 25: Crew Member M.I.A Again, Maybe

The crew all returns from New Years. Well almost all of us. We cover the Tree Opening Event and debate glitch of normal part of play.  Martin joins us for another episode and remains somwhat quiet. Although we did get to settle on a naming convention recommendation from a fan. That Bmlets at Spockholm be called Spocklets, and the People of Spockholm including fans become known as Spocktonians.  We return from the break from a surprise visitor and a few questions from fans were addressed and answered.

  • Still not workin on TUNEIN ahhhhhh

  • An exchange would use to transfer in to Moscow dollars for healing!
    I use all my Moscow/cuba and vegas cash on healing for fighting……still going after a trillion achievement!
    Pity I keep accidentally banking NY

  • great show u guys have put on love it listen to show everytime, really appreciate what Pete and Martin is doing, Chester i hear at the Epi 25 u have a script that will capture the ice post where can i get it ?

    your fan from malaysia :))

  • LOVE it!!! Your show is very well done and has tons of excellent info. That being said…. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, want that ice bookmarklet… Please with sugar on top? I’m a loyal listener…. Since Day #1…. Pretty please? 😛

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