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Episode 28: Whack a Mole

The Crew is back tackling the TOS and banning rumors, Pistol Pete supplies his perspective based on the community rumblings and the post in the Mafia Wars forum from Nate the Zyngaman. Pistol Pete all talks a little about the newly released Checklist Spocklet.  Jennifer shares information about changes to inventory and what you can see as players now in the game. Jana asks a great question on how to make your profile information private and Jennifer explains why you might or might not want to keep it public.  Zynga has a new event the Bury the Mole, an event similar to Dr. Dre or Masks event. Jen discusses an interesting email conversation that took place while writing her blog post on it. We have a new “commercial” we hope you enjoy.  Then we play a new voice rant that came in on the rant line, and answer some questions that have come in on the TIP email.  The 4k Fan is announced and we were really excited about hitting that threshold.

  • Hey gang,

    Another good show. 4,000 fans is great … looking forward to 10,000. You guys always keep us up to date with great tips and info on this obsession. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

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