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Episode 29: When the Girls are Away the Boys will Play

Pistol Pete and [MIG] Chainsaw Chester are solo tonight.  They cover topics, like rumors, Spocklet Changes, and Trading. The Pepsi Refresh Project is discussed, specifically covering the Project to cure the genetic disorder Sanfilippo Syndrome. Trader No-Goh  gets a new visitor. We hope you enjoy.

  • Apologies for leaving a note here. I’ve lost the place where one such as I leave Muppet questions … can not say newbie been playing for 2 years.

    Trading question, I’m not the best math person but I can not for the life of me work out how many foo fighters and grim rep’s I should offer for a full casino set 408 (construction tools ect) and a x1 lotto set.

    If you could point me to advice corner or spoklet/boolmarklet.

    Thanks Chris

    Love the show, Trader No Go and the last shows rant keep me smiling, thanks for all your hard work.

  • thanks so much for replying to me and making me famous on the web (smiles)….

  • Nice episode :P, audio was not clear though well not for me atleast.

    • Yeah, we were actually Skype’ing around the world. I wish it could have been a little better. Pete

  • reply to chris …..

    full sets 408 of casino upgrades….. 20 sets for 1 foo/bml = 21 foo…. (25 as a max)

    lotto sets right now are 500 wp/5 mission loots (grims/grips/z17/nyres) (coyotes are not loved) ….. one mission loot is equal to 5 foo/bml……

    ty ratio advice any time

  • Loved the No Goh bit!! Oh, it make my belly jiggle. 🙂

    ?? Is there a main MIG page people can go to to get info on group and these scripts/extensions?

    Not sure what kind of info this trading page is going to be displaying, but is already a collection of serious traders who monitor trading and post a list of standardized trading ratios. Trading is fun, but you MUST make sure you deal with reputable people. It is NOT uncommon for some to get scammed while trading.

    One thing a person needs to do when they start trading is to create a note on his/her account. Have people leave comments after making a successful trade about what was traded and where (what trade site). This well help you become more trusted. You will want to look at a persons trade note before trading to make sure he/she can be trusted. You don’t want to send someone 10 Grim Reapers and than get blocked by that person and be out your hard earned loot. Trade Notes are a MUST when trading.

    Some trade sites *the more trusted ones) have admins who monitor trades 24/7. All trades are posted on the site wall. If someone does not trusted sending first to another person they can contact an admin and get a middleman service for free. The most reliable trade site I have used would have to be Jessie’s Mafia Wars Junkyard:

    They take trading seriously and will go out of their way to make your experience fun and safe. Other sites have admins that work hard, too. But JJY is definitely a place for newbie traders and bulk traders as well. (No I am not and admin and no I am not trying to steer trading to their site/page – just being honest and hope you find it fun)

    Thanks, Guys!

  • i am using doggcatcher on android and i cant find a way to subscribe to it.
    can you point me in the right direction ?


    • I will do some checking since I have a droid as well

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