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Episode 30: Hacked Off!!

The Crew returns in full force.  Lost of changes covered. Pistol Pete covers the Checklist version 2, and the Stat-a-Nator.  Jennifer fills us in all all sorts of game changes. Specifically, Italy new chapters and the Player Advisory committee being formed.  The big thing is we are all fed up with reports of  accounts being hijacked by other players.  These do not happen all that often but when they do they seem to hit hard.   We introduce a little more detail on the Informant Podcast Insider Trading Tip. This page is for all things Trading except trading. We are here to be a resource to the trading community of new and old traders alike. We have tools and information on what is hot and not in the trading community.  As always we address some of the players questions.

  • 30 already !!! Woo – hoo ! I haven’t missed one yet.

    You guys rock.

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