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Marketplace Fight Club Buyer Spocklet

There have been issues with people getting this code to work straight from my posts on the Spockholm wall. So for simplicity I decided to make it drag and drop, like other Spocklets. Since this is a live Spocklet, when Martin Wakes he can add it to the External Links page at Spockholm. For now just drag and Drop the item below to your Bookmark toolbar.

Marketplace Fight Club Buyer
  • Thanks for your hard work!

  • I Try it on FF,GC, And Safari Cant get It to Work

    • Does it do anything? Are you even getting the javascript popups?

  • I From the Problem Bud Thank’s I’m Sure it Work’s just Find I have new Reinstall of Xp pro And need to Download Java LOL 😉

  • Found the Problem *

  • Nice BM…. Thank

  • After i select the item # and # of item to buy and click ok. Nothing happens.
    Tested on FF, Camino and Chrome on Mac.
    Please shed some lights on what i am amiss…many thanks

  • Well as recommended I burnt 15000 points on that car32 and no increase?
    Took 3 goes to get this to work?

    Found the other item worth 500 coins increased my stats
    What makes this car32 so special?

    Bloody not happy no fighter refill for 100coin for new episodes!

  • The Spocklet works great! Was able to buy the fight club loot really fast!! Thanks!

  • O M G… I am in tears with joy over the tools you guys come up with to save our fingers! Zyngoids haven’t a clue (nor do they care) the damage done to our hands. Of course no court would ever hold them liable because they would say we could always walk away from the game. Thanks for creating ergonomic tools that are friendly to the hands, Pete and Martin!
    Much <3<3 from Michgan!

  • It was working like a charm, but lately I’m getting a repeat of the text and I’m unable to get to the bottom to enter my choices. It doesn’t scroll up in any way to allow entering the numbers.
    Thank you for all your hard work – you are very appreciated.

    • Check is you have MWAP loaded. If you do that is why you get the duplicates.


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