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Episode 34: 4th and Goaaaaaaaallllllll!!

The crew gathers to discuss the latest game changes. Jennifer covers the new purchasing that no longer requires you to un-bank moneys while doing jobs. If you have the cash it will use it from either the un-banked or banked dollars. Zynga added the ability to Heal in any city with NY money without having to perform the traveling to the city first. This change leaving Chester speechless for the first time in history, maybe. Energy Pack refills are now coming in on an 8 hour interval until Valentine’s day. Amur Leopard requires Raw Meat, but Jennifer is going to start the boycott against raw meat. The Love Tap is discussed and has already come and gone. The big question is will it return in time for Valentine’s Day. The new Big Game event and a new timed Mission was also released. Pistol Pete Covers some fan mod’d updates to the Crafty Lil’ Helper and Get-a-Nator Spocklets, and re-introduces the JGRABALL Bmlet and the trick to get double gifts, helping you get to your 200 daily limit pretty quick. Chester covers why the Big Game event is the not that actual Steelers and Packers.

  • Oh. My. Gosh……O_o Chester going speechless…(“,)…rofl :))

    • There are Miracles!!! Pete

      • There are Miracles!!! Pete

        asshat. ~Chainsaw

  • What is with the Terracotta Tiles? No one has any, I can not find any links, I have played the heck out of Italy but none. Please Mr Spock please locate & add to Get-A-Nator (:

  • “Schmeer-da-viks”… LOL!
    How did you get that out of “Shturmovik”???
    Thanks for the laugh!

    • “Schmeer-da-viks”… LOL! How did you get that out of “Shturmovik”??? Thanks for the laugh!

      Ya… she cant say Zynga either, comes out Zainga.

  • Hey all,

    Can you update us on what to use RP for now?
    On Lootlady the links old and says energy or stamina car in chop shop.
    Now we have other property options should I use weapons/armour to get 6+ attack or defense. I need to build up att and def.
    Should I wait until SALE on property refresh?

    What are the best setting for crafty helper to improve att and def?


    P.s Can u gift any daily chance collection item as last collection required.
    p.s.s I want to be able to set heal location ie moscow and cuba instead of default NY
    P.s.s.s How about a rant to get CASINO achievement ie. SELL casino!

  • hi guys,

    LMFAO @ trader no goh!!!!
    love’em since you introduced him for the first time!

    you are such incredible multi-talents!!!!

    can’t wait to listen to more of him (and the certainly the rest as well!!!)

    thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for all you do!!!!!!!!! 😀

    please let us know the outcome of the “best podcast vote” we did some weeks back…

    love and hugs from new zealand!

  • @Thomas – TY. Trader OhNo sanks u.

    CHECK arun page 53 is the issue I’m having?

    • IT IS WORKING NOW!! Arun fixed the bug. Pete

  • I see you got your plane now Pete. 😀

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