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Episode 37: War, What is it Good For?

Wow, what a week. The crew joins forces with many of the other Mafia Wars Media Teams to unleash The Love Hurts Mock war which will be running until 12:00am ZST (PST) tonight.  Pistol Pete covers the Slots Achievement and how and where to join a Slots group.   Jennifer covers everything you want to know about the Love is Hard to Find Event. She also covers the Gold Key and what clock Zynga is actually on.  Chester and Jana covers the ins and outs of the Mock War, and what the purpose of the event was.  Enjoy.

  • Pierre…you make me hungry for desserts in the morning (just woke up lol) 😀
    –> love your accent. 😉

  • Thanks for the Love Hurts mock war…Had fun…lots of fun.

    Agree on the rivals section!!!

    Where is my little dancing guy from Skype

    -imagine a tiny dancer here with a little guy to is right bowing 🙂

  • Great War really enjoyed myself .Thanks to all of you putting in the time and effort to make it happen Cheser appreciate it mate

    one question not sure if right place to ask it but anyway .You guys got the Ear of Zynga was wondering if sometime you can mention to them that Atlantic city Fighting is in real need of a Power Attack button .Been playing a bit of Atlantic city on my phone when out and about ,And to get an Ice on one person , one hit at a time can take up to 20 mins its painful , So if you get a chance could you bring it up to them
    take care all of you
    Great show Pete you do some amazing things mate thank you

  • hi all. love ur podcasts guys. and loved the mock war event that happened. im happy as i iced a few tough guys lol. but did anyone get any prizes???

  • Thanks for the mock war! Just so you know… the Valentine’s Day Massacre was Chicago (not Boston)… if we would have had a team discussion page area we could have solved that mystery real time 🙂

  • “What time?”
    “Zainga time!”
    Love you Jen! LOL!

  • I am so fed up with these missions sending me to NY to do junk jobs that waste tons of stuff. Same with going to Italy and having to do tons of jobs just to get smart phones to finish other jobs. These things are getting to be a bunch of junk!

  • @David

    Zynga – a Gaming Conglomerate named after the Late bulldog owned by Co-Founder Marc Pincus.
    Zynga – pronounced Zin-ga not Zang-ga or Zain-ga
    Dialog Sounds – Zyng = “zing” like rhyme; “sing” ga = “gah”
    All Together Now – “Zing-ga” like rhyme; “sing-ga”
    ZYNGA!! 😉

  • Cool podcast.. I really like it … thanks!!
    Too bad I totally missed the Valentines Mock War.. but very much hope to be on the next one… and I am sure there will be one…
    And I am sure next time will be more time prior the event, to promote and so ppl can enlist in time and spread sheet/skype hick ups can be reduced… and who knows, zynga might even manage a correct listing of dead/alive… till then…!?

    Was there a winning team?
    Would it make sense to post the level you iced as well, in terms of making only same level or higher lev ices count? (as I was in another mock Valentines war a week b4, and actually had a level 1800 sitting on me lev 600… later I saw he enlisted himself as a level 680..!)

    The broken heart event… yessss please pop ups should be reduced to were necessary.. every thing else is annoyance… and makes you hate the event b4 you get into it… and so true.. grand prize loot is Yuk! … And a timer of when/how many should be mandatory by next event… I am afraid, s/o at zynga still thinks ppl love guessing..!
    best wishes,
    looking 4ward for next podcast 🙂

  • You talked about mafia wars slot machine bookmarklet, I when to Spockholm Mafia Tools web site and could not find it. Is it on a different site?

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