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Episode 38: Are You Mocking Me?

The Crew recaps the Mock War Briefly again, because we will be gathering again for a St. Patricks Day Mock.  The Team Spockholm crew are writing a database/spocklet to hopefully collect all the right information for all the players. Drastically simplifying the management and hopefully make things a lot smoother. Jen fills in on the new Missions, the Heart Breaker changes in gifting, and some other pearls of wisdom.  Chester had taken the night off, so the family life was substituted with Churk the Turk, covers a new trading site.

  • I LOVE!!!! all your suggesting to do a ‘mocklet’! .. excellent to improve the process of signing in.. and to get proper stats for the mock… I am looking forward to it 🙂
    thanks for all your work :))

  • lol on “Pete will always lose”. 😛

    Aww…did Chester had to…well, get a day-long sleep? 🙂

    I have 5 Island Hoppers…hehe 😉

    Mocklet??? O_O Cool~ 😀

    Looks like there’s now one more reason for me not to use my portable fusion reactors in the weapons depot. 🙂

  • Mock-checklist would be great… but I really really really hope there is something besides Skype to communicate with our team!

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