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Episode 39: So Tells Us, What Is Really Bothering You!!

As PAC closes in the crew unleashes a flurry of rants.  We think [MIG] Chainsaw Chester might need to seek counseling, or maybe this was the prescribed therapy.  Pistol Pete covers a few minor updates to various Spocklets.  Jen covers the current timed mission and votes for extended time on behalf of the players.  The new Egyptology Crates hit the Marketplace, and honestly do not have bad stats.  In the Family Life Chester and Jana cover some of the rants and fan corrections. In addition, the St. Patricks Day Mock is covered and some details are released on how we will try to improve it during the registration process.

  • You talk about getting help with the game through customer support , well , when i click on support , and email the page will not load. I was in contact with Zynga in january about the issue , and they told me it was a recent issue and they are working on it. (I had to have a friend email them for me) Since then , I have had no more contact with then and am still having the same problem. Any suggestions??

  • One of the best episodes yet. Keep it up.

    • Thanks for the very Nice comment. Pete

  • You all are absolutely correct the pop ups in the middle of a fight are annoying. This should be addressed now before they(zynga ) does this with all new mini missions. Keep up the good work thanks Eric…….

  • My roommate wrote this a few nights ago while basking in Zynga frustration!

  • I would like Zynga wall posts to self-destruct and disappear from my profile page after a specified time, say 48 hours or maybe 72. I love playing MW but don’t like my profile page buried in old posts but FaceBook makes us click twice to delete those posts. That would take forever considering the sheer volume of posts the two games I play generate (MW & FV).
    Or … make an app that sweeps your profile page and deletes all Zynga posts that are staler than any time you set in the app.

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