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Episode 41: Live from the PAC!!

This Episode is recorded Live in the Hotel at the PAC Event in San Francisco. This whole event was a great experience and we will  share more on the Friday show.  However, as promised we said at the 5k fan mark we will have a great guest.  We were honored to have several.  We had sitting around the Mic. Nate the Zyngaman (briefly), Jeremy a.k.a Da Irish Kidd, Mike a.k.a Prince of RYFG, Alex from the MWAP, [MIG]’s Big Tex, and Martin from Team Spockholm.

  • A shout out to YOU for bringing another dimension to the MW game.
    Helpful. informative and entertaining.
    Bring another get together in Denver some time.
    Gary R. Tompkins

  • Wish I had known that you guys were doing this.
    I was, unfortunately, up in my room with a group of the attendees discussing the day’s events with a box full of beer we were trying to consume before it got warm!

  • I think they all drank Zynga Kool-Aid and were cloned into little PR Nates…. What a waste and a crock this whole PAC thing has turned out to be.

  • I hope the next podcast is 1hr long to cover the “Details” of PAC…ie. whats coming and being fixed ASAP.

    SO I have finished all jobs in all cities.
    Which is the best ITALY job to drop COLUMNS and TILES so I can finish off all the properties please?

  • Ohmygosh can I hire you?

  • I cant hear anything…….

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