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Episode 42: Pick and PAC, Part Duex

This one is a long one. We tried to cover some of the details about our trip to PAC. We walk you through the day. Our perceptions. What we see as potential outcome. The biggest thing to remember is communication channels are now open.

  • holy frap…this episode really is about an hour long…wow, just wow. 😀

  • Rant line:
    I don’t like this “you’ve already helped 5 people” when you have 501 in your mafia and 1000+ in your crew. They need to raise the daily limit to something more reasonable during these timed events.

  • Just two quick questions:

    1)Any updated news on moving money from Moscow?

    20 What advice do you have for using the excess of Vegas money after filling the vault?

    Keep up the great work!


  • I am late.. I know.. didn’t get to listen to the podcast till yesterday..
    Great podcast! thanks you all!! Good to hear more details from PAC.. maybe by chance to give a brief recap of what other issues were addressed, then mock/big family issues. you have mentioned the pop up… any else?
    Looking forward to the St. Patrick’s Day mock and did use the bookmarklet to register:)

    About the energy-carry over suggestions that were made… I am pretty sure that an Energy carry over, half, total or any way, or even some of them but not others, could mean loads of kafaffle (technically) and would probably leave ppl maybe more confused then happy, and also zynga not inmproving on the money level…. My wish would be: An Energy 10% rebuff for 2RPs (2 would probably make sense as for 10 you can get a full re-fill)
    AND it should have the same for Stamina! – Also no limiting to only one a day!

    … just read on LOOTLADY fb wall.. they are rolling out a mini 12% 6 x a day energy packs to replace to 1 a day from b4… good!! I say YAY!! 🙂 .. lets hope they will ad them to buy as well AND do the same for stamina!!


  • * ooops.. typo.. 25% mini energy packs that is.. 🙂

  • The suggestions about gifting that were made…
    … to show what your friends are lacking/they would need.. excellent idea.. in theory..!
    … I have loads of members in my mafia, that would ‘need’ Vegas property stuff as they haven’t built any of it.. but they still rather want an event gift or something else… as they have never bothered to build the properties..!

    Maybe an extension of a wish list could be a bookmark-let solution here.. (maybe even in-game at one point) were you could check box the gifts (and amount) you like and store that with your MW ID, and anybody in your mafia also using the bookmark-let would be able to download the info the script and gift accordingly.

    Within this it would be great if one could (similar like CA bookmarklets) accept gifts from the fb gift page, and then have exactly those ppl who have gifted us in the ‘out box’, but with the option to check ppl off the list, as well as adding people, and having their gift preference loaded, if available)

    Gifting it still one of the most toiling, time consuming and mind numbing aspects of the game.. I have totally given in, and there are probably several thousand gifts on my fb page.. I am actually GLAD fb says it is only 100, so I don’t feel that bad… but if a workable solution to this mess, it would be AWESOME !!!

    Thanks, best wishes 🙂

  • Great show guys I think you have really given the community the openness and the not “canned” answers that many come to expect from anything that Zynga has approached in the community. Thanks~!

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