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St. Patrick’s Mock War! Register Now!!

Announcing the St. Patrick’s Mock War!

Hosted by Chainsaw Chester of [MIG]
Start: March 17th at 10:00AM Zynga time (PST)
End: March 20 at 11:59:59 PM  Zynga time (PST)
Loot and Lotto sets and other things will be given away.
Sponsored by The Informant Podcast, Spockholm, and Charlie Sheen (not really)

Register now with this handy Spocklet.

Click and Drag to your tool bar.  Use it to unframe MW. Then run it again and get the registration system.  Click if you want in on the giveaways. Then Click Accept and Register. It will then tell you the team you have been assigned. If you are usign Internet Explorer. You will be taken to a manual registration page where you will be asked for your FBID (numeric) and FB Name.  We will manually be adding the appropriate information for these entries. We will be sharing the fighting Spocklet and Manual Fight sheets very shortly.

War machine Registration

Once your Registered please join the St. Patrick’s Mock War Fan page.

A detailed walk-through how how to participate in the mock can be found here.


~Chainsaw Chester

  • Shamrock Slayers / Suitors / Shamans / S-Something?

  • Shamrock Shooters

  • Green Kilts, Irish Killers, Ireland’s Finest, Irish Warriors, Green Warriors

  • Irish diaspora
    The Irish diaspora consists of Irish emigrants and their descendants

    Plastic Paddies
    People of the Irish diaspora who were not born in Ireland, but who claim to be “Irish” are sometimes labeled as Plastic Paddies!/kevin.dawes

  • Bíonn a lán Plastic Paddies i mo cheantar.
    Coinnigh na moltaí atá romhainn!
    Beidh mé ag caint leat ar ball!

    ~Chainsaw Chester

  • The Black Irish Bastards
    The Dirty Limericks

  • Blarney Brothers

  • Leprechaun Looters.

  • Green Machine…
    Kissme Blarneystones
    Potato Mashers
    Cabbage Killers
    Just a few off the top of Me head ~

  • Tiarnach, which means Lord
    Tiarnach is an Irish Saint born on the 17th of March

  • 1. Mean Greens
    2. Bold Golds

  • I like the flow of ” Killeen’s Killers”

  • Also like “The Ballyhackamore Bullies”

  • Errants of Erin
    Bandon Bogtrotters
    Galway Girls
    Kilkenny Killers
    The Gurrier’s (Hooligans)
    Shamrock Shenanagans

  • Bear (beer?) Island shooters

    (Sorry for my english, I’m french ^^)

  • Paddy’s Pillagers

  • Fighting Irish
    Irish Rovers
    Celtic Tigers
    The High Kings
    Emerald Isle Mafia

  • Blarney Stone Bagmen

    Plug Ugly Mafia

    The Pistols and Pints

    Green Beer Bastards

    The ST. Patty Privateers

    Corned Beef and Carnage

  • Cuchulain Himself

  • shamrock shooters

    Irish Curse

    Lucky Clovers

    Shamrock Slayers

    guiness Guzzlers

    these are some suggetions for names chaninsaw chester

  • thank you, Mafia <3

  • Bayley’s Barflies.

  • Bailey’s Barflies

  • (Kilkenny Killers

  • Wish I could enter but will be at the Poker Tourney in Vegas.

  • I like the Shamrockers…but I’m a girl, lol 🙂

  • Slaughter’n Shamrocks
    Lucifer’s Leprechauns

  • The kilarney Killers

  • Kilkenny Killers

  • Winter Hill Gang

  • Shamrock Slammers Vs. Storming Leprechauns

    Green Devils Vs. The Patty Saints

    Irish Rovers Vs. Clover Killers

  • POG- Pot of Gold
    LUCK- Leprechaun Up Continue Killing
    RAWR- Rainbow Attracts War Revelers
    ICKY – Irish Charmers Know You
    ILK – Irish Leprechaun Killers

  • Shillelagh Leprechauns vs Celtic Warriors


    Shamrock Leprechauns vs Celtic Warriors


    Lucky Leprechauns vs Irish mobsters


    Shamrock Leprechauns vs Irish Setters

  • The Four-Leaf Brothers

  • The Bullshark Ninja Leprechauns

  • paddy’s daddy

  • Kilkenny Killers

    At least its beer!

  • Green Grendel”s vs Beowolf battle axes

  • shamless shamrocks

  • I know it’s late but…

    shillelagh slashers
    Bagpipe Bashers
    Shillelagh Syndicate

  • The ShamRock Locos

  • FTW all the way


  • Whats with the spell-check folks? Gone for a toss…has it? How else can you explain “using” becoming “usign”?

  • Its late, but had to get in on the fun 🙂

    Luck O D Rock
    Shameless Shammies
    Bag Pipe Bouncers
    Pipping Hot Clovers
    Killing Kelts

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