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Matty Melton inspiration for Matty’s Superhero Fight has lost his battle with cancer

For those that do not remember Matty. He is was 10 year old with great spirit, and had a way of uniting a myriad of people together. Matty has been battling Cancer and today lost that battle. Matty’s dad is a member of the family [SIN], and about a year ago there was a Mafia for Matty’s Superhero fight where teams tagged up with various Super Hero Profile Picks. As a sign of respect many of the families in Mafia Wars have asked for an immediate cease fire. Most that participated in the Fight for Matty have now once again returned their profile pictures to the photos they wore then as as a sign of solidarity. Our heart felt condolences to The Melton Family and extend to anyone who Matty has touched over the years. You will be missed.

    Joe Ippolito-|ВОИН| 88 Fan Mafia
    and the rest of my |ВОИН| family

  • My condolences. The loss sucks for all of us.

  • Respect for a fallen comrade.
    All mafia Wars players are family,when 1 falls we all miss out on so much.I never had the pleasure to know Matty Melton.He touched the lives of many who touch my life.
    To all who read this who knew Matty know you had a gift in this life… a rare thing.Remember to stop and smell the roses as we only pass this way once.

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