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20.5 Hours til St. Patrick’s Mock War!

St. Patrick’s Mock War!

Hosted by Chainsaw Chester of [MIG]
Start: March 17th at 10:00AM Zynga time (PST) GMT -7 hours
End: March 20 at 11:59:59 PM  Zynga time (PST) GMT -7 hours
Loot and Lotto sets and other things will be given away.
Sponsored by The Informant Podcast, Spockholm, and Charlie Sheen (not really)

Step 1:  Register

Step 2: Join the St. Patrick’s Mock War Fan page:

Step 3: When the Mock begins, use the Fight List or spocklet/bookmarklet

Step 4: Post your Kills and Ices on the Fan page!

The winners of the team names:
Kevin Dawes – Plastic Paddy’s
Thomas Shaw / One from Rant – Kilkenny Killers

Send your FB / MW profile links to so we can get you your Lotto sets!

~Chainsaw Chester

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