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Episode 46: Zynga Gone NUTS, Brazilian NUTS

Usual storyline here. Zynga Releases new Destination and leaves us all scratching our heads. Brazil has elements we like and elements we REALLY Don’t. Jen covers a lot of the new Brazil ‘features’.  Jana, Pete and Chester delve in the Mock and the way War Machine is having a very positive impact. We have a few rants that came in on the lines.

  • I just want to thank you all for everything you do!! But more than that.. I want you to know that I have run an online social network before and that I KNOW exactly what you have to put up with.. often people complaining about what they don’t understand, the ungrateful, the constant interruptions that take away from the current task at hand, the REPEATED replies that seem like no one is listening to you.. and all that for working your rear ends off to come up with a great product for us all to use. I can say that I know you reap tremendous pride in the final product.. but I also know that its not enough and that you mostly do what you do for others to benefit from.. that being the case I am sure you have many a bad day as you wonder if its all worth it. I want you to know it IS worth it! The first time I ran brawler I decided I couldn’t wait to run it again and again. Now that I am used to it I hate it, LOL, but then I got to thinking.. you hate it? Then don’t use it.. LOL NATURALLY I decided that I love it and reminded myself just how lost I would be without it. I am an all day every day player and I for one couldn’t appreciate all the effort and time you put into it all more than I do right now! My hat’s off to you for your determination and commitment to the Mafia Wars Community!!! We love you, thanks again!

  • great pod cast very informative you can get in brazil through cityville also have the committee do something about the bullies that got skill injections they usually are level 900 to 1300 One dude hit me 4000 times in 2 days yes 4 thousand thats just pathetic and support isnt doing anything for me If you mafia wars profile is not available you should not be able attrack someone 4000 times

  • Brazil is not problem, problem is CUBA & MOSCOW of mine is locked, I just want to know whether these would be unlock or not?

    • Not unlocked for a while and maybe never we are uncertain.


  • Best way to stop getting your bum kicked, stop healing: they can’t ice you if you’re dead
    Deposit your money on a bank, don’t hitlist or attack them (if they’re strong they’ll get Exp for winning the fights anyway) and they’ll have no reason to attack you

  • Edward. Is 4000 exact or did you just guessed it? Plus, you’re a high level dude. Just because you lost, doesn’t mean everyone else is cheating. There are always 2 sides of a story. What did YOU do? Of course you would say nothing. But as I said, 2 sides of a story. Which seat should I/You/They take?

    p/s: If today is Friday, then yesterday was Thursday. Tomorrow is Saturday. Sunday comes after that.

  • izQgQB Kudos to you! I hadn’t thought of that!

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