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Episode 48: Z.Y.N.G.A and ZYNGA WAS HIS NAME-O

In this episode the crew discusses the origination of the Zynga dog. Pistol Pete talks about updates for RepeatJob for Brazil and Business Collector. He also discusses some issues that came up on the Spockholm Fan Page with people questioning Spocklets and everyone jumps in to discuss using them in wars and more. Jennifer the MW LootLady talks about a few more details, changes and issues in Brazil. Also she talks about a new mission starting and a new level update change. Chainsaw Chester talks about his trip to NY for a Zynga Event. Jana and Chester go over several rants that came in over the past few days and also discuss the Meetup Day on April 8th.

  • WHAT????? Everything on the internet ISN’T TRUE????
    The HELL you say!

  • Can’t wait for the men vs. women mock war!! Muahahaha!

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