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Episode 49: Bamboozled, Swindled, and Hoodwinked

Our very own Jennifer “The Mafia Wars Loot Lady” has taken the night off. However, Pistol Pete had no problem filling the time with a rant about un-framing and other frustrations echoing through the MW community. He has basically called the Zyngons to task and asking for answers to some pretty blunt questions. In an effort to find a way  to move forward and begin enjoying the game again. Chester fields a few rants, regarding issues from GF purchasing to Praise for Spock Tools. There will be two new Mock wars coming in the next few months, the Battle of the Sexes mock in April.  There will be the Mafia Wars players for Matty’s Memorial Mock starting in July.  Stayed tuned for more information.

  • How can Kansas be out? What!? My bracket is now dead…score only 52 :(((

    Not just an unframe problem…problems while in normal window

    If you are wanting to head in a different direction (game wise) may I suggest a fun strategy game. It’s not free but….Men of War…newest version Assualt Squad…

    I still open MW to craft and fight a little….but the game is NOT where it should be at the current moment…who knows why or for what reasons the game is taking a 90 degree turn…I will maintain my account only long enough to be completely fed up. :))

    Still love the show, though! I’d like to hear from Trader NoGoh and find out how all these hassles have impacted HIS business. lmao

    less than 1,00 word post 🙂

  • More ranting than Chester CAN rant in a whole episode…and most of em came from Pete…not good news from the Zyngons. 😉

    • I have my moments.


  • Wow great podcast! It’s great to keep informed as to what’s going on with the burps in the game.. also love your comments. I have been playing for 2 years now and I can’t believe how the game has made a 360. I use to laugh going into wars… now I dont even have a clue who is attacking me.. no idea where to find it. I just go blow my energy.. blow my stamina and go watch TV.

    I appreciate your hard work at trying to keep the game fun for us..

  • Agile development? You’re kidding! Z has gathered the worst coders from all over India and China, the sediment of the industry, which have no grasp at all of what this game is about.

    Z is determined to ram the game into the soil so they don’t have to deal with an active, self confident and outspoken community any more. All the surveys, forum posts by CM et al. are just smoke screens, the PAC being the biggest and most prominent one. I really feel sorry for all the people who faithfully waste their time and energy there…

    I detest myself for every single time I bought RPs, filled in a survey or tried to convince a friend to try out the game. I’ll never do any of this again!

  • It is Byron not Bryan 😛 He tried to pronounce my name like most do. You can say Byren and it sounds correct. Still no word from Zynga and no luck with the live chat at all. Spent all yesterday trying. I even set up on a separate window and had auto refresh at 2mins per click. Not once did i get the ability to chat.

    UPDATE: From Zynga’s mouth!

    Hello Byron,

    Thanks for contacting Zynga Billing Support,

    My name is Evelyn and I am truly sorry for this inconvenience with you being charged full price and sales Tax of a place you don’t live. Byron unfortunately I can’t give a reversal for this action. Please know that this is happening a lot and Zynga is working hard to solve this issue. What I can do for you if you would like is to give you the points of the sales tax you were charged. An amount of $13.70 in Reward Points has been added to your account, it equals 60 Reward Points.

    You had 24 and now you have 84.

    Thanks for report this and I’ll pass the information about your case with our Development team, I truly hope this doesn’t happen again dear Byron.

    Again I do apologize for all this trouble.

    Thanks for your patience and for playing Zynga games.

    Kind regards,


    Zynga Customer Support.

    What a Mess!

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